With over 900 credits and 31 years of service,

Magnetic North has become a leader in the art of

Mastering for Digital – Mastering for Vinyl – 5.1 Surround Mixing

Audio Forensics – Legacy Audio Restoration and MORE…

Mastering for digital and vinyl are two very different endeavours , Magnetic North has both the experience and the gear to provide you with a production master for both formats, that will (above all) sound “musical”. Ensuring you the best vinyl cut and a punchy digital output is what we do best. Coming from over 3 decades of not only mastering, but engineering great recordings in our facility, we are sensitive to NOT engaging in the “volume war”. Music is supposed to be dynamic, enjoyable, affective!

Let us show you how this is achieved.


3029 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, Oh 44115  

 Phone-216.579.7170     Email- chriskeffer@gmail.com

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